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Recycle now!

Ignoring #climatechange is like pretending that the rain does not get wet and that the sun does not heat up. We just had the seasons changed radically and it rains when is supposed to be sunny and it is sunny when it has to rain. One way to help the ravages of #globalwarming is through the recycling of garbage.

If you really want to start changing your habits and help to fight global warming, you have to apply the "3 Rs rule: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce", this means that apart from separating your waste, you must re-take advantage of everything that may have a new use and, also, try to reduce the amount of waste as much as possible.

There are many colors of garbage containers and everything depends on where you live. For example, in my state (California) generally, in several public places you can find at least 3 colors of containers: one of green color that says "compost", one of blue color that says "Recycle" and another of black color It says "Landfill".

The green color is used mostly to deposit organic waste, ie: food scraps, dirty paper, garden trimmings, coffee grounds, napkins, even spoiled food and husks.

The blue container is used for waste that is recyclable, such as paper, cardboard, glass bottles, tin / aluminum cans, hard plastics, grouped plastic bags and thin plastic (film), but you must make sure they are clean and do not contain food or liquid residues.

For example, we cannot throw a stained pizza carton, that should go in the compost, green trash can.

In California almost all bottles and cans can have a new life and can even mean cash when they are exchanged. For example: Wine Coolers, beer, mineral water, sports drinks, coffee and tea drinks, fruit juices packed in containers of less than 46 ounces, vegetable juices in containers of 16 ounces or less.

Every time we buy one of these products we pay the California refund value or CRV, which means two things: that you can return to your pocket if you take the containers to a recycling center or help pay for the recycling of these if you deposit them in the container of the sidewalk for their collection, and whoever cleans it will receive the money.

Finally, the black container is used to dispose of garbage that cannot be recycled "Landfill". For example, cat litter, pottery and broken glass, diapers, feminine hygiene products, pens and pencils, plastoform, spotlights, elastic bands, etc.

There are many wastes that you should not put in the garbage and ask the company responsible for the pickup to help you with this, for example: batteries, appliances, tires, fluorescent bulbs, motor oil, syringes, furniture, etc. Remember that we only have one world and we have to take care of it, not all of us will have the money to buy a ticket to the Moon or Mars, so we have to make the change today.

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