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How to lose weight after pregnancy

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Whether you are pregnant or have just had a baby, the issue of losing weight or having the ideal weight is always present in the imaginary or everyday thinking of women.

From your first appointment with the doctor, you should ask him what is the healthy weight that you should have before your pregnancy and after it , sometimes we can be overweight or have not a healthy weight to start a pregnancy. Remember that every woman is different and the most important thing is the health of the mother and the baby that is forming inside her.

You've probably heard: "Eat what you want because it's the first time you do not have to worry about gaining weight," and that's not true, since you must eat foods that are rich in vitamins, folic acid, protein and other nutrients important for the formation of your baby. But do not stress if you have cravings for a French fries with garlic or a giant ice cream with whipped cream, if your doctor has not banned this type of foods rich in fat and sugar, nothing happens if you eat them one, two or up to three times in 9 months.

On the other hand, if you have never been very active, a pregnancy is not the best time to start training for a marathon, but you should include a light routine of daily exercise such as walking. if you do not have contraindications ... after the third month of pregnancy you could start practicing yoga, but if you, look for places where you have courses for pregnant women and always consult your doctor first.

Do not concentrate on returning to the figure you had before your pregnancy, but focus your energies on enjoying this new stage you will live to the fullest. But, do not miss the opportunity to eat healthier and improve your lifestyle habits such as including exercise in your routine.

There are women who recover very soon and there are others who take more time, I spent more or less a year in returning to the size of pants that I used before pregnancy and what helped me a lot is my past as a dancer and acrobat, since I stopped dancing in week 32 of my pregnancy, after more than 20 years of doing physical activity without stopping for at least 3 hours a day.

Before and during my pregnancy I worked 60 hours a week, I had two jobs, one part time in the morning and another full time in the afternoon that forced me to stand or active on the dance floor for almost 8 hours, which It helped maintain a healthy weight and not have any complications. Although I would have loved doing prenatal yoga throughout my pregnancy, I could only take a few classes from week 32 when I took my maternity leave.

When my baby arrived, my routine changed completely. I left the full-time job I had in the afternoon as a dance instructor and continued with only the part-time in the mornings. What was a drastic change in my life, I stopped exercising completely. After the first weeks with my baby, I decided to start taking up an exercise routine little by little, which was not an easy task, since as a Latina mother in the United States, my husband and I are completely alone in charge of caring for my baby.

However, I started taking advantage of every moment I had to do some exercise. To make him fall asleep I would dance to the rhythm of "Despacito", when he was awake he took advantage of doing floor exercises with him on top of me or in my arms, you can see some of my videos on my Instagram account @barbaramctv or on my youtube page (https : // view_as = subscriber)

Other things that helped me recover the figure were:

  • Do not think about losing weight but to recover the strength of the muscles of the abdomen trying to do soft exercises.

  • Immediately after childbirth, I started using a post pregnancy support belt, although the truth is that your abdomen will gradually recover with or without it.

  • Look for motivations that force me to be well groomed, such as: return to work, resume some activity I had before pregnancy and start new projects (like this blog)

  • Connecting with other women who were in the same situation, a good idea is to go to the free activities for babies at the local libraries.

The reality is that the first weeks you cannot concentrate on anything other than knowing your baby and enjoying it, and between breastfeeding, eating and sleeping, you will not have much energy to do anything else. However, don’t drop the towel and if you need help: ASK. I would love to know your story and know what you are doing.

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