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Dancing change my life

Since I was very little I liked to dance, but it was not until I was 16 years old that I took an official dance class and my life totally changed.

The dance has been present in the life of the human being possibly since it was conceived, I like to think that we do our first pirouettes inside the placenta of our mother. That's one of the raison, I like a lot modern dance because it allows you to explore the movement without established rules or canons, it lets you connect with the deepest part of your being.

Precisely, my first dance class was with a Bolivian modern dance teacher by the name Silvia Fernández. A suggestion from my aunt, my mom put me on a summer course. Until that moment, those were the best 4 weeks of my life because I had never spent many hours in a row learning to dance before.

I had always liked to dance, but I had not had the chance to take classes because my dad was a military man and we traveled a lot. However, I always participated in all the choreographies at my school. You could say that my first teacher was my older sister, because, whenever she found out that I was going to dance in school or that there were auditions to occupy the front rows, she would prepare me by advising me how to emphasize my movements, if she told me to exaggerate the head, I did not stop moving it the whole dance.

Although modern dance was my introduction, it was not the technique I studied the most, because after that summer course, I went on exchange to Australia and I had to put my dance studies on hold, but from that moment I did not waste any opportunity to dance. In fact, during my exchange I had many opportunities to do it and if there was none I went out to get them.

My exchange parents, wonderful people, told my school ‘s principal that one of the things that I liked dancing, moreover, I was lucky to be in a country, a city and a community who appreciated diversity, art and foreign culture. During my exchange in Canberra Australia, my school came to participate in a dance contest thanks to my interest in dancing and although I do not remember the name of the physical education teacher that made it possible for an After-School Dance Program to open, I will be eternally grateful.

Precisely, this time away from my country, my family and friends, made me realize that I had a lot to learn and that dance was the first great passion of my life ....and it was not an easy thing to do, you need to put time, dedication and discipline. I found out the hardest way when I accidentally fell into an advanced contemporary dance class that was open to the public, it was the two most terrible hours of my life because I could not follow any steps.

However, although that experience could have kept me away from the dance forever, since the teacher had not been very understanding or encouraging, it became the engine that led me to want to recover all the lost time.

Therefore, when I returned to my native Cochabamba Bolivia, I began to look for opportunities to take classes. If you believe in the power of attraction, because that was the case, a week after my return I was presented with the opportunity to take classes for free.
Before going on an exchange, I was part of a youth theater group of a company called "Tra-la-la" that had founded the so-called "Café Concert" in my country. In this place, I met the one who would be my mentor and dance partner for more than 20 years, Henry Suarez who had just taken the direction of the company's dance crew. After a month, I was invited to be part of this group and a long career began performing every weekend in different theatres and stages along Bolivia.

I never stop learning or taking classes, parallel to my jazz lessons I started taking any workshop or course that came to the city and began to explore several new dance styles such as belly dance, hip hop and occasionally modern dance. It was not until my 25 years that I took my first ballet class, a little late for my age, some will tell me ... for my luck I was in Carcassonne France, I had just finished the University and had obtained a scholarship as a Spanish Language Assistant through of the French Alliance that had taken me to the country of the Cathars.

My mornings consisted on working in two local schools and in the afternoons, I had free time to dance. So, I started to figure out how to take dance lessons. France is a wonderful country that has so-called "Houses of Youth" where one can take free classes of everything you can imagine, but these were not regular and I was used to dancing every day, so in addition to taking these classes once a week, I managed to find two other academies, one of hip hop and one of ballet. Fortunately, I learned that in Europe while you can pay for your classes, no one will tell you cannot take them.

Upon my return to Bolivia, I worked as a dance teacher, professional dancer and at the same time I began to study a Master's Degree in Communication at the Catholic University of Cochabamba and to develop a project for television "Abra K Dabra"
I really wanted to dance in pointe shoes, so I looked for a ballet academy that offered classes for beginner adults and I found the “Encuentros” Dance Academy. After a whole year of hard work I finally achieved it, it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

Unfortunately, I had to take a short break in the world of dance due to my higher education but by 2008 I returned with more strength than ever and began to look for new forms of dance. So, I had the opportunity to take an introduction to the Ballroom Dances in Buenos Aires Argentina with Eugenio Dmytrenko, return to the stages as part of the "Fico's Show" dance crew that was under the direction of my dear friend and dance partner Henry Suárez and also I begun studying "Pole Dance" in the studio "Espacio G" directed by Paola Salinas actress and theater director who had fallen in love with vertical dance and brought it to my hometown and my country.

Finally, in 2014 I had the opportunity to start working as a dance instructor for one of the franchise studios of Arthur Murray here in the United States, where not only I trained as a teacher in more than 10 dance styles, but had the opportunity to help other people through dance and change lifes. They were two years of great joy and learning. With great sadness, I had to leave the Studio because I had decided to dedicate my time to my baby, but I worked until week 34 of my pregnancy. Surely for that reason my baby enjoys music so much and starts dancing when he listen a melody.

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