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Baby essentials

If you are waiting for your first baby, you probably do not have much experience and neither have other baby things you could use again.

I imagine that you already visited several stores and malls or several sites and internet sites to see the clothes of your future baby.

And although many people already told you, I will repeat it too, “Babies grow very fast” and sometimes many of the things that you bought you won’t get to put them on.

Well you have several options:

  • The first is to buy only what is necessary, a pajama, a pair of pants, a pair of shirts and, depends on the time of year he will be born, you will need warm clothes or not.

  • If you just found out you are pregnant, STOP, do not buy everything , wait for the "Baby Shower" to see what things friends and family give you.

  • And well, if you can not hold the desire, something that worked very well for me and saved me a lot of money was to buy 2 to 3 items in different sizes of 0- 3 month, 6 - 9 months and 9 to 12 months

  • Personally, I love the onesies or body suits because they allow you to change the baby without needing to undress completely and they also hold the diaper very well.

  • Whether you are expecting a girl or a boy, the little pajamas with brooches are more comfortable than the ones that have zippers that have become very popular recently.

  • And if you have not bought them yet or have not given them to you, you will need some mittens to protect your baby's hands in the first weeks when they do not control their reflexes and tend to scratch their faces.

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