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A dream come true

A little over a year ago I became a mother, a dream I had longed for a long time ago and that came to me at a very interesting stage in my life, far from my country of origin, in a different continent, beginning to build a new life from scratch.

I've always liked children, to the point that for 6 years I was at the head of the production and management of a children's educational program called "Abra K Dabra" that had arisen from the impotence of seeing that my nephews did not have good options for watch television in the afternoons and the conviction that television has incredible potential for education.

I had had the good fortune to participate closely in the upbringing of my nephews and the possibility of connecting with thousands of others each afternoon through the small screen, but, for different reasons, I had not been able to become a mother.

When I arrived in this country I had the luck to make that dream come true by becoming a stepmother of two beautiful children and a beautiful girl and although I had not had the luck to carry them in my belly, for me they were my little treasures.

I will never forget the day I discovered I was pregnant, it was my husband who realized that I was late and even though it was only a few days I could not wait to get tested, so I waited until lunchtime and ran to buy me a pregnancy test. My husband was patiently waiting for my call so that I could confirm the result.

It did not take me 3 minutes to see how two lines appeared on the test and I was not surprised when the test was positive. We had been about a year and a half trying to get pregnant and had even contemplated the idea of ​​doing a treatment that we had ruled out due to lack of budget, therefore, the news of a natural pregnancy were absolutely wonderful.

The joy we felt is indescribable, we were very grateful for the blessing we were receiving. However, I also got a lot of nerves, especially because I did not want anything to happen to my baby and by then, I had a very intense work schedule, two jobs and an average of 60 hours a week.

Another unforgettable moment, which I remember perfectly, was the first time I spoke to my baby, I said: "Hold on tight because Mom moves a lot, but he promises that he will always protect and love you", and that's how he started my pregnancy after 35 years ...

It did not take me long to get a medical consultation, I was urged to know that my baby was fine and that his heart was beating very hard. At about 6 weeks I had my first visit to the gynecologist who explained that it was too early to hear the heartbeat but that we could see it.

Needless to say, long before the consultation began to investigate the risks of pregnancy after 30 years, download a pregnancy application step by step to my cell phone, visit and I signed up to many blogs, etc.Each woman is different; therefore each pregnancy is different, however there are things we can do all: eat healthier, exercise regularly, take prenatal vitamins and folic acid, try to rest and not stress, periodically attend to consultations with the gynecologist, etc.

The process was incredibly wonderful, with the normal symptoms of a pregnancy: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, skin-deep emotions, cravings, etc. I was in labor about 72 hours (very intense) you could say that my son took his time to come out, I was lucky to have a natural birth and a child who weighed 8 pounds and a little more (approx. 4 kilos).

If you are pregnant and you are more than 35 years old, breath and be calm, everything is going to be alright

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